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Quiet Zone Auto Care
4075 Eastex Freeway
Beaumont, TX 77706
30.1167592 -94.1468228
4.89/5.00 average rating
57 reviews
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  Josey M III 12/06/2018
Regardless of a hiccup that happened with the service, the overall rating from me is still a 5 Star. The issue was addressed and I feel that it will be resolved.
  Kevin And Barbara 11/19/2018
  Andra 11/10/2018
  Ted 10/12/2018
Great folks, with greater service.
  James 10/11/2018
Kelly and his crew always take very good care of me. Quick and professional service.
  Christine 08/30/2018
  James 08/02/2018
Best ever!
  James 08/02/2018
Kelly and the Quiet Zone staff always take care of me in a professional yet friendly manner. Car should be good for another 100,000 miles.
  Darrell 07/26/2018
Once again, the Quiet Zone could have easily taken advantage of my mechanical ignorance but, instead, quickly and accurately diagnosed my problem as a loose nut & a 4-wheel drive switch in the wrong position. Another cheap fix by an honest mechanic has reinforced my loyalty to the good people at the Quiet Zone.
  Josey M III 07/26/2018
Fast, friendly, helpful, and fair are what comes to mind. Sometimes the price of business is a little high for auto repair, but the helpfulness and the willingness to go beyond to get you around and going helps take some of the "sting" away.
  Rosalynn D 06/29/2018
  Auston 03/01/2018
I always take my corvette to QuietZone Auto Care! In the autocare industry, the one thing that stands above all to customers is TRUST. And I trust QuietZone.The certified mechanics and team there take great care of my car and myself. I couldn?t be more pleased with my experiences. Thank you for running an honest and trustworthy business!
  Charles Or Adrienne 02/15/2018
The starter died on my 2007 Honda CR-V in the morning and they were able to replace it that same day - and for considerably less than anywhere else in town I called.
  Lane 01/18/2018
Quiet Zone Auto Care was the best experience I have had when dealing with my current vehicle. I will be returning to them whenever another problem occurs (hopefully not though).
  Darlene(Xe) 12/30/2017
  Ted 11/02/2017
Good people, I think they are a class act. I appreciate them as they treat me like I would treat one of my customers with respect and answer all of my questions with honest answers. Ted Jeter
  Aaron 08/17/2017
Brian was amazing. Extremely smart and knowledgeable about differentials. Price seemed pretty high but I would rather pay more for perfection. Thanks Brian for getting me back on the road safely.
  Al 05/21/2017
You guys did a fantastic job on an old vehicle that I thought had problems that were unfixable. thanks for a great job!
  Darrell 05/04/2017
I've used the Quiet Zone twice. Both times I was convinced my repairs would cost well over $1,500.00. Both times I was pleasantly surprised. They could have given me what I expected and I would have believed them. I will return with all my automobile repair needs because now I know I can believe them.
  Darrell 04/28/2017
Dear Mr. Broussard: As I said I would, I tried to write a review on Google for your business. I was unable to do so because it required that I have a password, and I don?t have one. I tried forever to get one, but it?s beyond my ability. I would, however, like to thank you again for your honesty and integrity, not to mention the fact that you saved me by fixing my air conditioner. If you had told me that the whole system had to be replaced and charged me $2,000.00 for it, I would have believed you and paid it. Instead, you charged me $193.00 to check out the system, fill it with coolant and a dye to detect leaks, and told me to return if it failed again. It did fail, and I returned. Upon inspection, you found that a cap on the high pressure side was defective. Again, you could have told me that the entire system was rotten and had to be replaced. Instead, you replaced the cap, re-pressurized the system with coolant, and sent me on my way. The reason I went to you is because, about 100 years ago, a tire store employee told me I had a horrendous problem with the suspension system on my old truck. I went to you, and you could have told me the entire suspension system was bent, broke, or otherwise worthless. Instead, you replaced some kind of bushing and tightened a bolt. I don?t remember the charge, but I?m sure it was less than $25.00. You can bet that I will return to you the next time I have any automotive problems, and I hope you will feel free to share this message with everyone. Meanwhile, do you work on Google? Sincerely, DM, Beaumont
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